Saturday, November 28, 2009

Living In A Grateful World

Be grateful to those who have hurt you,
for they have reinforced your detwrmination.

Be grateful to those who have deceieved you,
for they have deepened your insight.

Be grateful to those who have hit you,
for they have reduced your karmic obstacles.

Be grateful to those who have abandoned you,
for they have taught you to be independent.

Be grateful to those who have made you stumble,
for they have strengthened your ability.

Be grateful to those who have denounced you,
for they have increased your wisdom and concentration.


Everybody makes mistake, and so i do.

I have make a greater mistake in my life that make me can't forgive myself. My silly and childish had hurt the one who love me the most. I hurt the one who had been love me and sacrifice to me, the one i love before, my family, my friends and my current lover too. After the incident, it let me feel the power of forgiveness. It gives hope to a person. We all do make mistakes and we learn from mistake; which call experience. My ex-boy friend has this principle in his life; "It is ok that you make mistake, it is stupid if you repeat it once more". (^.^) I don't know can say he is the one forgive me or i am the one forgive him. Some of my friend say i should have the dignity not to contact him anymore. Frankly speaking, i do appreciate the moment we are together. He makes me learn a lot of thing, makes me understand the reality of world, makes me to be independent, makes me stronger.

Thank you for your forgiveness. Dear all of you, sometimes i may hurt you because i am not perfect. I do make mistake. I will try my best to do whatever i can.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends Cafe

This is a special place not only for me but many people.

Customers, friends, lovers, crews have spend a great time there. back to the topic, i have one of the crew in friends cafe. During the time i feel depress, i walk and walk on malacca road. I am looking for some place for me and i saw this place. I walk into the cafe, choose a place which near the bar and sit down. This is the time i met him, he bring me a menu. I order hot chocolate milk because i need some hot beverage to warm up my body. Then i start to feel this place, i can use a word to describe the environmet of this place which is "friendly". Why? ^^

This is the reason i interview for this job. I want to investigate how the environment is built up. You can feel the friendship between crew and crew, crew and guest, guest and guest there. Nice huh... The bond between each other is built up because of this place, what they have done?How they make this happen? Many question marks had appear in my brain, i wish to know it because as a student of bachelor of hospitality management, i hope to know more for widen my view and knowledge.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


What is my hobby? I have many hobbies.

However, my favourite hobby is drawing. Why? *smile*

I don't really know it. Just drawing can comfort me while i feel uneasy. During examination period, i feel stress. Then i don't think i can continue reading the reference book again, so i start to draw on my notes.

Tada~! This is my production.

Bluek!!! Sorry la, my drawing so so only because i never been a proper drawing class before. PLease forgive me ya..hahahaha...


看了2012, 我有所感触。

各位,你们都爱你的另一半吗? 你们是不是每天都和另一半说“我爱你”








因为呀, 这是月老公公的游戏呀!^.^ 他老人家已把红线在对方身上套起来了。
不管你在哪里,在多遥远。 彼此爱对方的心已经投过他的红线传送给对方了,没有人能取代的。

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unforgettable Day For My God Brother

21st November 2009

It is the unforgettable day to Tony Chan (my god brother) and his beloved wife Cherry Tan. Before the day, i request to help out them on the photography job. How nice if i could snap up all the special moment on that day.

Wedding Lunch Destinatation ORNA RESORT
The bride - Cherry Tan
The Bridegroom - Tony Chan **

The Wedding Car
(6600 for my god brother which mean 6 principle to achieve a perfect life)

Happiness sticker that stick outside the room

Bless the new couple , Cheers!!**

My god brother always trying his best to give the best life to his beloved. Therefore, I am here to wish them have a happy and wonderful life. Gambateh neh!! God brother!!
Not all the photo onabove is taken by me, except which has the star mark.

SLR Training

Guess what! A picture tells a thousand words. Recently i start to learn how to snap photo by using SLR!

This is my shifu for teaching me to use SLR.

P/s* : Sorry ya, i cannot directly put up his face.

Reason 1.) he likes to create mysterious

Reason 2.) Later he want to collect his copy rights


Arggg... This picture is snap by Moniqa!!! She snap it while we are having class in TFC.

Cheers to the bride and bridegroom!

This is the recent photo i take from my god brother wedding. How was it ? ^^


Hopefully the coming time i can improve in my photography skill. It is because i wish to keep not only me but everybody's memory in the photo that taken by me.