Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am polluted!!

Hahaha... people always will say the environment is polluted but today i want to tell everybody i am polluted because i have been bar before.

Date : 18-05-2008

Venue : The Cube

Noob is driving car.

Today is David birthday then Soo Lim gather some of his friends like Gek Li, Sze Min, Sze Min's bro, David's gf, Aaron and me celebrate his 20th birthday.Around 4-5pm, David drives car, fetch me, his gf and Soo Lim. We reach Soo Lim's house at 7.00 pm. That time he just after working, then we are waiting him for preparation. So slow~~~ hahaha.. David's gf cannot stand for it keep saying him. Soo Lim presents David a monkey key chain.

The green one is for Soo Lim and the purple one is for David. Soo Lim mention that the purple monkey looks noob so suitable for David.

After that, we go to Melaka Raya Secret Recipe take David's cake.On the way, David and David's gf keep halau-ing Soo Lim from car, make Soo Lim feel so frustrated and complain that they bully him. Hahaha..

This is David's birthday cake- Ice cream flavour

Then we are heading to friends Cafe. Muahahaha.. i order Friends Grill and Hot Apple Milk. This friends grill cannot be find in the new menu. I know this dish because of Han Siu. Yummy~~ it is so nice, egg, hush brown, black pepper chicken chop, tomato and vegetables are the best combination.

Friends Grill

We have a lot of fun there such as chatting, playing and taking photo. David always do something funny, that's why Soo Lim always call him as noob.

After that, Soo Lim come out one idea that go clubbing at The Cube. At that time David tease me say that my costume is not suitable for clubbing. I am wearing one short, T-shirt and slipper. Arg~~ i will never forget that because my 1st time clubbing wearing is so CASUAL. Before enter The Cube, they have to cop one The Cube Logo on our hand.

The Cop.

During clubbing, Soo Lim order 2 bucket of beer. Seriously speaking, i don't like beer. I can say in my 19+ years, i never drink beer before. On the day, i drink 1 bottle of 5% alcohol beer. Of course i am drunk, Gek Li drunk too.What is the feeling of drunk? David says when u are drunk, you feel you are floating.I have the feeling so it is proven i am drunk.Some more, I dare to step on the dance floor to dance, it's weird because i am wearing casual.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My father 60th birthday

This is my today costume, so GOLD!! hahaha!!

1st Dishes - Mee Siam

2ns Dishes - Leng Pan ( Cold Plate )

3rd Dishes- Shark Fin Soup

When i am eating this, i heard my sister says the sharks are going to extinct because many of chinese always eat shark fin, especially in Asia area. Do you know what the people do to the sharks?

  1. Catch the shark

  2. Cut the shark's fin

  3. Throw the shark into the sea

  4. The shark cannot swim and die because of starving or over losing blood.


4th Dishes - Stim Fish

5th Dishes - Grill Pork Skin

6th Dishes - Fried Prawn with Sauce

7th Dishes - Fruit Tart and Scallop ( The weird combination that i've never seen )

8th Dishes - Abalone with Sea Cucumber

Last Dishes - Sea Coconut Tong Shui (Desert)

The big cake is bought by my cousin and the other cheese cake is made by my father's office worker.(I tell you, it taste good.You eat one bite and you hope to have another bite)

My father and my aunt are same birthday.

I am the day "CAMERA GIRL".

Cish cish... budak minum Red Wine.. Nanti kena polis lock up

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Han Bok

Hahaha! Last time, madam ( my previous boss) come back from Korea. Before that i ask her to help me buy the Korea tradisonal costume for me - Han Bok. She choose the pink colour Han Bok for me, it's so nice. My friend's Han Bok's colour is light yellow top and red dress.

Me wearing Han Bok, nice!!!